Get the Perfect Manicure Using the Best UV or LED Nail Lamp

Get the Perfect Manicure Using the Best UV or LED Nail Lamp

The most popular manicure gadgets are polymerization lamps. Here you can find the difference between UV and LED lamps and choose the best one for you.

What do UV and LED lamps do for nails?

UV and LED lamps are devices for polymerization (drying) of the nail coating. Ordinary varnishes dry in air. Meanwhile, ultraviolet rays are required for the polymerization of gel varnishes, pastes, and other polymers. Lamps for drying start the polymerization process: due to photoinitiators, which are part of resistant coatings, different gel varnishes (pastes, acryl, polygons, etc.) dry up and after that become hard. UV lamps (fluorescent) belong to the first generation of lamps for drying resistant coatings for a manicure, and LED lamps (LED) belong to the second generation of the lamps. Both types of lamps are very popular gadgets for manicures.

A modern range of nail drying lamps consist mainly of UV and LED devices. They are powerful enough to create nail art of any complexity. However, if you take all precautions, a lot of gadgets still remain safe even for home use.
There are hybrid devices with a combination of both types of rays, but UV and LED lamps are considered to be the most popular. First, it is because of the wide range of prices, and second, because of the presence of a huge selection of shapes and sizes. Third, technology is very efficient, so it does not need any special modification. In addition, many devices are portable. Lamps for drying are quite easy to use, which is especially important for beginners who have not previously had experience with polymerization devices.

Difference between UV and LED nail lamps

The most popular among customers are UV and LED lamps, because of their low prices and effective properties. But these two types of lamps are structurally and functionally different from each other, and these differences deserve special attention. It is up to you what exactly to choose, but first, it is important to know the main differences.

The fluorescent UV light device for nails:

  • Body with a reflective camera;
  • Power supply (cord, batteries);
  • Control unit (buttons, sensors, timers);
  • Working light elements – fluorescent lamps.

Functional properties of a professional fluorescent UV nail lamp:

  1. The operation of a fluorescent nail curing lamp is based on a gas-discharge light source arranged in the form of a glass tube into which gas (mercury vapor) is pumped. An electric discharge, passing through a gas, causes the ultraviolet to glow;
  2. Fluorescent ultraviolet nail dryers are capable of emitting light in the range of 315-400 nanometers, which easily dries all types of gel polishes. The wide range includes waves that are considered hazardous, and although the exposure time and radiation power are low, the continuous use of LED nail polish and its effect on the body is not fully understood;
  3. Drying time in the UV small LED nail lamp is from 1 to 3 minutes. You can increase or decrease the depending on the nail, lamp, and so on;
  4. Side effects when working with a portable LED nail lamp – heating, which may carry the risk of burns and discomfort in the process of performing manicure. So, you should be very careful with these types of lamps;
  5. The service life of the fluorescent manicure lamp is limited to the number of sessions (not more than 3000). Because of this fact, you should not forget to change them from time to time. If you have a lot of clients, it is better to have several lamps. For example, if 1 of them fails, you will be able to use another one;
  6. Fluorescent light elements consume more electricity;
  7. Glass housings of lamps are sensitive to mechanical stress, and the lamp device itself does not tolerate voltage drops in the network.

Device for fluorescent LED lamps:

  • Body with a reflective camera;
  • Power supply (cord, batteries);
  • Control unit (buttons, sensors, timers);
  • Working light elements – LEDs.

Functional properties of fluorescent LED lamps

  1. Lighted items – LEDs – do not contain harmful gases and vapors, their operating principle is different compared to previous types of lamps. These lamps are semiconductors that reproduce optical radiation when an electric current is passed through;
  2. The range emitted by the LED is only 400-410 nanometers, so these nail dryer lamps cannot cope with all the different types of gel polishes. But the wave range does not contain harmful waves, which makes the LED lamps in this category safer;
  3. LEDs emit high-intensity light, so gel polishes dry in a record time of 30-40 seconds;
  4. The LED does not heat up during operation, and it does not harm the skin or nails;
  5. The working life of the LED is 80,000 – 100,000 hours without reference to the number of sessions, so these lamps are considered the most economical in terms of repair and maintenance;
  6. LEDs are not as sensitive to mechanical stress and are considered more reliable.

What’s the best wattage for a UV or LED nail lamp?

The main difference between professional nail dryer and led lamps for drying nails is a higher power. 9-watt home CCFL, for beauty salons 18 W, 36 W, 72 W. When building or manicure shellac is done, the thickness of the gel layer can be significant, so that more UV light is required to dry it. You can purchase a simple one for home use and switch to a more powerful one if needed, for example, 36-40 watts.

Which is a better LED or UV nail lamp?

So, as can be seen from the functional analysis, LED lamps are distinguished by high power, long service life, and the absence of harmful effects. Undoubtedly, the LED lamp is more expensive than fluorescent one, and it can not dry all gel polishes. But in order to save money on the repair of a cheaper model in the future—give preference to a hybrid UV / LED shellac UV lamp, and you will have no problems with processing all the materials or with frequent downtime due to breakdowns.

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